Friday, January 2, 2009

My Podcasts are Back!

My year started out right with episodes of both Cast On and Craftlit after what seemed like a long hiatus. Since I got high speed internet and my first MP3 player I have reveled in the wealth of audio entertainment – both crafting and non-crafting related.

When I first started out I would listen to anything. That changed REAL fast. The first podcasts were long established ones with wonderful production values. Well scripted, not rambling (except for Lime n Violet – and I suspect the rambling there is more intentional than it appears). Sound quality that is clear and consistent – not whispers and ear blasts. Sometimes I wonder whether the people making the podcasts ever listen to them on a player.

I listen to a variety of shows. Those that educate me - Craftlit, Yarn Spinners Tales and Stitch It. Those that make me think with well written essays like Sticks and String and Cast On. Some purely for their entertainment value – Lime n Violet, and Y KNIT.

Then there are those that expose my geeky side. Escape Pod, Pseudopod, and Pod Castle. Each one with a well-read story every week. Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy.

These aren't all the podcasts I listen to while I mow the lawn, clean the house, and knit or spin. With over 43,000 podcasts to choose from I check out new ones all the time. I also listen to multiple episodes before I delete the feed. New people getting started need time to learn and develop their style and content. I can wait!

FYI – I haven’t done all this listening on an Apple iProduct. I use less expensive options to catch and play my shows.

The library’s eBooks doesn’t work with iProducts, and there is more money for FIBER!

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