Friday, April 2, 2010

Perfect Day

It's spring in Tidewater, and yesterday was the perfect spring day!  Normally  my S&B meets at Barnes and Noble in Chesapeake on Thursday.  This week we all met at my house and knitted (and spun) on the front porch.  Lovely!

Wallisknits came with Fairbanks,  Macadoodle, and Betty E were all there.  Being the week before Easter we talked about those Easter bonnets that we wore as kids.  I don't know about you, but mine always poked me in the head and itched.  Not to mention the elastic that was specifically made to strangle little girls!  My favorite thing was always my new, shiny patent leather mary janes.  I knew they were as pretty as any ruby slippers!
Naturally I didn't take pictures when everyone was here, so this is a shot of my empty porch.

Next week I'll take one when everyone is here!

After that we went over to The Knitting Corner for the big birthday sale.  Sue, the owner, sold some of my handspun earlier in the week, so it was OK to spend a few bucks!

I also kept reminding myself I wasn't going to Maryland this year (but it looks like we may go to Sedalia)!

Off to complete the taxes - going to need some cash for the festivals!

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katiegirl said...

Darn! Sad to see you aren't coming to MD this year! I'll be going, but I'll probably be shopping on a tight budget.

Ooh, I have a fleece for you! I'll blog about it sometime soon.