Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retreat to the Fleece!

This past weekend I trekked to Pennsylvania for a Spring Fiber Retreat.  I found out I loves my fleeces!  Beth, the owner of the Spinning Loft, taught us all about different sheep and fleece prep and spinning at her mom's B&B in Linfield, PA.

We each had clean little fleece samples to try

 My faves to spin were Cormo and Lincoln. 

The coolest locks were on the Scottish Blackface - easiest to process too.  Just pull both ends!

I liked the Cormo so well that a pound(ish) of greasy fleece jumped in the car and followed me home.

But that's OK, because I learned a new way to wash locks!

We also shopped in the mini Spinning Loft.

These pictures of the shop were after the ravening hoards had plundered it for the piles that were adjusted (upward) each day.

We also spun on the patio in the sun, and tried everyone's wheels. Of course we also ate and drank exceedingly well.  Got to keep up one's strength for wrangling fleeces, and rolling on the floor laughing!


Becky said...

Sounds like you had a blast!! Are you going to the sheep and wool festival in MD this weekend? I wish I could go but I'll have to wait until next year :)

artsyfish said...

I am having a garage sale this weekend so I can pay for what I bought in PA (and any future stuff that follows me home)!

Actually I REALLY think I have enough! Maybe a post of the Wall of Potential soon.

DeltaDawn said...

Jello! I'm finally going back to MDS&W. That cormo crimp is amazing!

artsyfish said...

And it spins and feels like buttah!

katiegirl said...

Looks like you had a great time!! That fleece is gorgeous! I'm thinking I'm going to have to skip the MD S& W Festival this year. :(

artsyfish said...

Can't you go to MD S&W without buying? I know I couldn't so I sympathize if it would hurt too much!